Feeling the wind through my Hijab and the sand in my eyes!

For my first post I decided to write about something fun! So here goes…..

السلام عليكم

As-salāmu ʿalaykum everyone,

If you are writing your bucket list or planning what to do on your next holiday, QUICKLY write quad biking down before you forget!

It is honestly one of the most exhilarating experiences; allowing you to bring out your inner Vin Diesel if you know what I mean. Suddenly everything around, you slow down and you feel as though you’re travelling faster than time itself. You feel the wind blowing through your Hijab and sand going in your eyes and up your nose.

I went Quad biking at a desert safari in Dubai. For the people of Dubai, it was a nice day with not a single cloud in the sky. So, you can imagine how hot it must have felt for someone from England, whose hottest day of 2015 was 36.7C. I could feel the naked sun’s rays burning my skin as I stepped out of the coach and stepped foot on the desert.


The day begun with some dune bashing and yes, it is as crazy as it sounds! It involves you sitting in a 4×4 land cruiser which is driven over high and low sand dunes. You’re rocking around the land cruiser from side to side, feeling as though any minute you’re going to go flying out the window. In one word, it was EPIC! Once my hijab was completely inside out, the driver drops us off to the desert camp.


It was time to meet the animals of the desert.  First thing I did was take a selfie with the falcon that was sitting on my arm, next thing I know the man instructs the falcon to stand on my head. Honestly between us the only thought going through my head was “DON’T MOVE GIRL, OR YOUR HIJAB WILL FALL OFF!”falcon

Next thing on the agenda was a Camel trek, but waiting to ride the camel was absolutely torture, gagging from the smell of their poop that was scattered all over the place. It was finally my turn to get on the camel and it was honestly the most awkward moment ever because everyone just watches you getting on, waiting you to fall and make a complete fool of yourself.  But, once I was on the camel it was adorable, the camel was just trotting along the desert doing its thing.


As time passed the sky was filled with all the colours of the spectrum from blue to a burning red to orange as the sun set. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar……you could hear the Maghrib athaan echo to all corners of the desert.


So, we proceeded back to the camp area to pray Salah and then found our seats all ready for our barbecue dinner at the desert. Dinner was accompanied by traditional folk dancing called Tanoura and belly dancing. However, watching a half-naked women dancing wasn’t exactly my scene so I decided to get a black henna tattoo with my mama bear instead. Around the camp were tents where the people of the desert sold their goods like handmade cushions and carpets. In the corner, I caught glimpse of a tent where a man would make a picture of a camel in the desert and write your name completely out of sand in a vase. Completely out of sand! Now that’s talent!

Overall it was an amazing day and a once in a life time experience. One I would recommend to all.

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