A mother’s silent cry

She feels the fever rising as she embraces her child,

her heart begins to flutter,

she reaches towards the phone; in order to inform the doctor,

panic seizing her body; her motherly instincts taking order,

she describes the symptoms, hoping there is a medicine he can deliver.

Nights go by…sleepless,

This is what makes a mother….a mother,

the endless efforts to keep her child healthy, to keep her child happy.


Now her child is sick once more,

but as she runs for the phone she remembers there is no doctor she can call,

no doctor to diagnose her child or to hear her concerns,

the war has destroyed the nearest hospitals, and the local pharmacy,

no medication; just a warm embrace to ease her child’s pain,

just a shawl to wipe the tears away,

she is a mother…helpless,

the struggle to help her child is overwhelming,

she makes her way towards the closest refugee camp,

to be told “sorry madam we are under supplied, and need to prioritise the causalities”.




Did you know that according to the U.N., £3 billion was required in 2016 to provide emergency support and stabilisation to families throughout Syria, however only £2 billion was received as of March 2017!






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