‘When things are not going to plan, you feel trapped. Before you know it you are a prisoner in the deepest corner of your own mind. The darkest corner. Suddenly, you feel the water rising… you attempt to control your breathing. You look around, but there is no escape. Before you know it you are submerged underwater. You struggle, flapping your arms about like a baby searching for its mother. Everything starts to fade. The darkness has completely taken over. You have drowned in your own thoughts. You begin to sink to the bottom. You are now just another lifeless body in the darkest hollows of thought.’

This is anxiety!

This is stress!

This is depression!

And honestly in university … This is common!

With exams around the corner and assignment deadlines piling up. This is the time of year where anxiety is sky high. Stress becomes like the air we breath. That stress can then lead to anxiety which can develop into mental health issues such as depression.

I would like to give you all advice as someone who is currently going through this cycle. I understand how difficult it can be, having to deal with high levels of anxiety. So here is some personal advice from one stressed student to another.

  1. RELAX! Yes, we all want to pass university but you don’t want to drive yourself to insanity in the procedure. Give yourself breaks. Allow your brain to revive. Take a breather every once in a while!
  2. TALK! Sometimes keeping all your thoughts and worries buckled up only makes it more stressful. Your worries begin to pile up and before you know it you’re isolated. There’s just you and your thoughts. Whether it’s your friends or your family, just talk to them about what going in. That does not necessarily mean they will be able to fix the problem. But sharing your problem is half of the solution.
  3. CRY! As I said before sometimes it is better to let it all out of your system rather than let it build up. Holding all your problems in will only lead to you having a severe depression later. Sometimes it okay to have a breakdown.
  4. Pray! This is something that personally works best for me, It allows me to escape from my problems. Who better to talk about your problems than the one that put that challenge in your path?
  5. Lastly, remember that you are not alone! Anxiety and Depression during university is very common so don’t feel like you are alone in this, as though you are the only one feeling this way. I Feel you!

I really hoped that helped guys! This was written on a special request, so if you would like me to write about anything in specific you can email me on my contact page or follow my on instagram.

Thank You!

Spoken World

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