Over the summer I went on the holiday of a life time. I got to see things you would only imagine in movies. The trip I want to share with you all today is one I hold very dear to my heart. After 17 long years, I went to a back to a place called Banjosa Lake, an absolute childhood favourite. However, this was 5 hours away from home, which meant 5 in morning we were off ‘on an adventure’. The trip consisted of over 20 people crammed in a coach made for maximum 18 people for over 5 hours. CAN YOU IMAGINE, like sardines in a tin!!

During the journey, we made a pit stop at a little village; time to take a walk, stretch our legs and take as many pictures as we could of course! The coach stopped near a school which was located near a cliff side, and all the children were outside playing, and so we decided to join them.

Standing on the cliff, and looking as far as the eye can see. You wonder how people have managed to situate homes on cliffs, in the middle of nowhere. From someone that comes from Britain, this was absolutely mind boggling!

You can feel the tranquility as you breath in the fresh air. As you take in the greenery. As you listen to the birds singing in sync.

Banjosa is located on a high mountain so we had to drive up many hills and to get there. As a person who comes from Britain, where there is no such thing as open scenery with lush greenery and the sound of tranquility in the air. This drive up a mountain was absolutely mesmerising. You could feel the sun’s rays shining down on you, while the wind gets colder as you move higher up the mountain. You could hear different bird songs as you drove past. You could see all the exquisite place people live. You could see a world entirely different to the dull bubble we live in, Britain.


Finally, it was 11 o’clock and we were at our first destination, Banjosa Lake. The last time I was here I was too small to remember much. But it still gave me that surge of happiness, the sort you get when you eat a chocolate bar from your childhood.

After having breakfast at the Lake, we were off again. Toli Pir here we come! Toli pir was another hour journey, but oh boy was it worth it. Toli Pir is near the top of a mountain, and so it was very cold and cloudy when we got there. At first I thought It was just very misty, like a cold winter morning here in Britain ……

…However, I soon realised that my clothes were soaking wet from the rain, but it was not pouring with rain! So how were we all drenched?? WE WERE AMONGST THE CLOUDS!! We were the clouds, and so we were wet from rain without feeling the rainfall. It was so overwhelming, a truly mesmerising experience.


We began to make our way up the mountain, but because of the clouds it was very difficult to see, if someone was standing more than 5 steps away they were lost amongst the clouds.

As the clouds made it so difficult to see, and the cold was becoming unbearable everyone made their way back towards the coach. Eh, I did not sit in a coach for 6 hours to go back. It was time to embrace my inner daredevil. I began my expedition, towards the final peak of the mountain, the highest point. I was joined by my aunties and a few cousins. We all made our way all the way to the top. Trying not to slip. Trying not to fall down the mountain to certain death. Whilst we listen to the rest of the family yelling at us, telling us to come back or we will die. Talk about moral support!

I can’t remember how long it took us to get to the final peak, or how we even managed to get there without slipping on the mud, or falling down the mountain. But, when were at the top of that final peak we could feel the accomplishment. We had made. Top of the world. In sandals!!

It was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience.

It taught me to live my life to the best I can, grasp every opportunity, even if I have to do it alone.

To embrace that inner Daredevil!

And lets not forget sunset the way home, the most perfect way to end the perfect adventure!


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