We have been brought up in a society which has embedded the idea deep into our minds, that we have until the age of 100 to fulfill our lives goals. But what reassurance to we have that we will live to see tomorrow? Which scientist out there can work out the exact life span of each human being? Or work out the exact day a person shall die? When a person is diagnosed with a terminal illness and the doctors give an estimation of how long the person has…. sometimes they say 6 months, yet the person only lives to see a week. However sometimes they say the patient will not to make it through the night, and despite that, the person lives to see their children and grandchildren grow up. Surely, this shows that we know not how long we shall live. We do not possess this power, we do not possess this knowledge.

It is He who created you of clay, then determined a term and a term is stated with Him; yet thereafter you doubt.  Verse (6:2)

And it is He who gives life and causes death, and His is the alternation of the night and the day. Then will you not reason?  Verse (23:80)

However, this idea of living till old age has embedded so deep, that the people of today live life as though they have the rest of their lives to make up for the mistakes they make today. That is not how the world works. There are many youths today who think “I’m still young, I’ll start praying when I’m older.” But what we fail to realise is what if old age is not written for us? What if you keep saying you’ll pray tomorrow, but tomorrow never comes?

Think about it.

Remember! A long life is not promised!

Don’t wait for tomorrow to make yourself a better person,

Do not wait for tomorrow to seize an opportunity …tomorrow may never come


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